Product lifecycle

  • Waterfall Software Development

    Waterfall Software Development

    What does waterfall software development mean, where does it originate from, what kind of criticism it has received, and in what situations waterfall model could be used?

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  • Testing


    What does software testing mean, what is the goal of testing, what software testing methods are there, how a generic testing process looks like, and when to use test automation?

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  • Service Transition and Operation

    Service Transition and Operation

    What do service transition and operation practices regarding 1) service performance and availability, 2) documentation and knowledge bases, 3) release and deployment management, and 4) changes, incidents, and service requests consist of?

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  • Scrum


    What does Scrum mean, when to use it, what are the Scrum roles, artifacts, events, and processes, and how to measure progress in Scrum?

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  • Requirements Development

    Requirements Development

    What is a requirement, what does requirements development mean, what types of requirements are there, and what is the process for requirements development?

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  • Systems Development Life Cycle

    Systems Development Life Cycle

    What do product lifecycle and systems development life cycle mean, and what kinds of popular models of systems development life cycle are there?

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  • Implementation


    What kinds of tasks do technical design, software development, and infrastructure and platform management include?

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  • Agile Software Development

    Agile Software Development

    What does agile software development mean, why this method was created, when it can be used, and what are examples of agile methods?

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