• ITIL 4

    ITIL 4

    What does ITIL mean, how it has evolved, and what are its main components?

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  • Organizational Culture

    Organizational Culture

    What does organizational culture mean, who is responsible for it, and what kinds of important factors there are in respect to changing and maintaining culture?

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  • The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

    The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

    Peter Morville arranged seven factors that influence user experience into the ‘User Experience Honeycomb’, which became a well-known tool to help understand user experience design.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    What does project management mean, what are the phases of a project lifecycle, how does a successful project look like, and what kinds of skills a project manager needs?

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  • Project Portfolio Management

    Project Portfolio Management

    What does project portfolio management mean, and what are the three main areas of project portfolio management?

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  • Enterprise Project Management

    Enterprise Project Management

    What does enterprise project management mean, and what is the difference between the terms project management, program management, and portfolio management?

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  • Requirements Development

    Requirements Development

    What is a requirement, what does requirements development mean, what types of requirements are there, and what is the process for requirements development?

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  • Scrum


    What does Scrum mean, when to use it, what are the Scrum roles, artifacts, events, and processes, and how to measure progress in Scrum?

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  • Service Design

    Service Design

    What does service design mean, what are the six essential principles of service design thinking, and what are the four steps of the service design process?

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  • Service Management

    Service Management

    What does service management mean, and what kinds of standards, frameworks, and communities are related to IT service management?

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  • Service Transition and Operation

    Service Transition and Operation

    What do service transition and operation practices regarding 1) service performance and availability, 2) documentation and knowledge bases, 3) release and deployment management, and 4) changes, incidents, and service requests consist of?

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  • 3 Tiers of Design

    3 Tiers of Design

    What does design actually mean, and what are the three tiers of design?

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