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What is Enterprise Project Management?

The purpose of project portfolio management, program management, and project management is to coordinate all projects and project resources in your organization.

Enterprise project management (EPM) refers to the practice of managing projects across the whole organization.

Note that the term Enterprise does not only mean big organizations – it refers to an organization or sub-activity whose boundary is defined by commonly held goals, processes, and resources. In other words, these methods can apply in an environment that can range from an entire big business to a small business, department, or product group.

Three Tiers of Project Management

A short explanation on projects, programs, and project portfolios [1] and related three tiers of management [2]:

Project Management

  • Projects generally deliver outputs: a single product or service. Their focus is tactical or operational.
  • Project management is about managing individual projects in the organization.

Program and Multi-Project Management

  • Program delivers outcomes which, together, produce benefits. They are aligned with strategic objectives and are business focused.
  • Program management operates between project portfolio management and project management. It coordinates the projects and the resources that these projects share and assemble the information necessary for portfolio decisions. Note that the term program has different definitions. In any case, the goal of program management is to structure and simplify the complexity around many related projects.

Project Portfolio Management

  • Portfolios can cover either the organization’s projects or its whole investment portfolio. They have a mission focus and are aligned with the corporation strategy.
  • Portfolio management is about selection of projects and programs, prioritization of resource deployment across these, and making sure these decisions are aligned with the strategy of the organization.

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