About Us

We enjoy designing and building solutions that smoothen user experience and processes, and offer informative and useful content.


Igor Honhoff

+358 (0)45 8730130

Igor has over 18 years of experience in IT delivery. In this time, he has had roles diverging from IT support to technical consultant, process owner and technical representative. As part of this journey, he has performed tasks like requirements development, process design, solution design and integration architecture. This included the ownership of the solution in several projects.

At Flare Hub, Igor has been working with requirements development, solution design, system and solution architecture, and WordPress plugin development.

Please contact Igor if you believe he can help you with your project.


Daniela Vinaccia

+358 (0)400 416187

Daniela has more than 13 years of experience in IT projects. This has included roles diverging from project manager to analyst and product designer. In this time, she has performed tasks like requirements development, concept design, process design, UX/UI design, backlog management and project management.

In addition, Daniela has created WordPress sites and has some experience with front-end development, using JavaScript framework React. She also enjoys technical writing – simplifying and visualising technical information and concepts.

Daniela is currently not actively working for Flare Hub as she now has a permanent position elsewhere.